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Horse herd trotting in at sunrise for daily horsemanship practices

Know Thy Horse

Nurturing your equestrian journey while making strides for horses in need, one session at a time. 

Horsemanship setting with pasture fence and mountain backdrop.

Do you deeply love horses and want to see them not only exist but thrive in this man-made world?

Would you like to create a better relationship between you and your horse built on trust?

Together we can work to make those things happen! My mission is to honor these incredible beings by educating myself and others on harmonious horse human dynamics

Know Thy Horse

Know Thy Horse is dedicated to the never ending quest for knowledge and to act as an advocate for equines everywhere.


Kaelee Thompson, the founder of Know Thy Horse, is a horsemanship instructor and artist on a mission to link her passions for horses and art to generate awareness for the wellbeing of all equines. She offers horsemanship and mindset coaching to help horse owners create happy and healthy horse-human relationships through kind and compassionate practices. Kaelee also offers custom horse portraits as well as other equine and nature related illustrations.  

Advocating for equines starts at home where every individual can speak out for the horses whos' voices so often go unheard or are simply misunderstood. Learning how to truly and effectively communicate with your horse in a two way conversation is the foundation to creating deep connections and discovering the root cause of issues that may be holding you and your horse back. Know Thy Horse offers multiple resources for horse owners to practice informed and ethical horsemanship methods to aid in creating relationships built on trust and in problem solving on many common horsemanship challenges. 

If you are visiting this site you likely love your horse very much. Unfortunately there are countless horses out there who are not as lucky as the horse you have at home. There are many places where horses are simply viewed as tools and if they don't work properly they are discarded. Many people are unaware of the harsh realities that so many horses face in this man-made world. For those who are aware, it can be too heartbreaking or overwhelming to know how to contribute to helping those horses in need. Know Thy Horse is intended to act as a beacon of light by bringing about awareness and offering ways to contribute. Know Thy Horse is partnered with "blank #" of rescues who are making a huge impact in the lives of abused and neglected equines across the country. Ten percent of all proceeds from coaching goes to these rescues.  You can also commission a horse portrait or purchase other equine art located under the "Art & Commissions" tab on the site. Ten percent of those proceeds will be donated as well. Or if you would like to make a direct donation you can do so via this link. 


 Together we can make a difference. We can make a difference by educating ourselves on ethical horsemanship practices and being open to new insights as they come to light in the equine fields.  We can also make a difference simply by sharing this information and inspiring others to do the same. There are more and more equine professionals and enthusiasts choosing to partake in this mission everyday.


Kaelee's equestrian journey has evolved into a deep rooted desire to be a significant contributor to the movement described here. If you are ready to join the movement then you are encouraged to utilize this site as a resource. The Know Thy Horse blog is intended to act as an educational and inspirational outlet for horse owners and horse lovers. If you would like a more interactive resource to join the movement at home and discover how to deepen your relationship with your horse or problem solve through informed and ethical horsemanship, then please reach out and book a consultation call to see if coaching is right for you. 

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