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Portrait Commisions

Portraits to honor the equines that us humans are so blessed to have grace us in our lives. 

Below you will find size and price charts as well as examples of portraits and medium options. 

8 x 10 portraits - limit 1 horse   9 x 12 - limit 2 horses

Each additional horse has a 25% fee. 

Once you choose your portrait details please email me at with the photo of your horse that you would like for me to use as the main reference. Also include in your email the size and medium (graphite pencil for black & white, or pastel for color ) of your choice. 

If you have a specific background and/or scene you would like in the drawing please email me with reference photos and any info or details that you are envisioning and we can discuss options and pricing.

Horses are my specialty, however if you have a non-equine critter who is close to your heart that you would like to commemorate please email me and we can discuss a possible portrait. 

Graphite Pencil Price Chart


8 x 10 : $175

9 x 12 : $250

11 x 14 : $325

16 x 20 : $475

Pastel Price Chart 


8 x 10 : $200

9 x 12 : $275

11 x 14 : $350

16 x 20 : $500


Mari & Reggie

Graphite pencil

Plain background




Plain background


Graphite pencil

Custom border




Solid color gradient background



Colored pencil

Solid color gradient background

w/ geometric pattern

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