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Art that you can take home and experience everyday. Prints to add unique expression to a room, and to help make a house (or barn) a home. And art cards to share the love!


Do you have a horse in your life that you would like to honor with a portrait? I offer commissions to reflect the inner and outer beauty of your beloved equine. 


Stories about some of the real life equines featured in my portraits and articles on conscious horsemanship.

Artful Equus

Mission Statement

Artful Equus is dedicated to honoring equines through the power of visual imagery and education. 

Kaelee Thompson, the founder of Artful Equus, is a horsemanship instructor and artist on a mission! Her intention is to utilize art to bring awareness to the harsh realities that many equines face, as well as to promote compassionate horsemanship through informed practices.

A percentage of all proceeds made from art sales will go to equine rescue. More information on the specific organizations that Artful Equus will be partnering with will be available soon. 

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