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    My name is Kaelee Thompson and I am a Montana based freelance illustrator. My earliest childhood memories are of horses and being at the barn. I quickly became the cliché "horse obsessed" little girl and picked up the habit of drawing horses whenever I couldn't actually be in their presence. From that point on drawing and creating art became a constant in my life. I went on to study illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Since graduation I have done a good bit of moving around within the United States, creating art and working with horses along the way, all the while collecting inspiration and always seeking to learn.

A ranch gig landed me in Montana where I am currently offering horse portraits and horsemanship lessons. My mission is to utilize my art to share a message of the importance of giving back to the equines of this world who have given so much to us. I create homages to beloved horses and will share some of their stories along the way as well. I use graphite pencil or colored pencil to create the likeness of the horse, and use color, patterns, gradient techniques, and symbolism to reflect the essence of each individual animal.


I create other illustrations also, many still inspired by an equine lifestyle as well as by nature, mysticism, and the natural sciences. There is an inexplicable feeling of freedom and connection I experience whenever I am around horses and when I am making art. I am passionate about sharing some of that with others through my work, and linking my main inspirations of horses and nature with art so that they may symbiotically energize each other. 

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