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Artist Statement

    My journey as an artist began with horses; my original inspiration and my link between the mystical and physical realms. My work itself takes root in an admiration of the divine essence present in everyday life. Also as an appreciation for the natural world and parallel spiritual realms, the beings that inhabit these worlds, and the structures that create them. 

    Working with horses and being out in nature has opened me up to a deeper spiritual way of perceiving and interacting with my reality. Building relationships with such majestic beings and the physical world in all its wonder, has filled me with vision and inspiration. I funnel all of this into my art. For me, being an artist isn't just about putting pencil and brush to paper. It is a lifestyle and worldview. As much as possible I like to be in the mindset to see reality beyond the initial veils; an incarnation of magic rooted in a tangible world. At the heart of this desire is an awareness of a universal relationship maintained by the inter-connectivity of art, spirituality, math, and science. Along with these correlations are the stark contrasts of duality which maintain the cosmic balance and keep the mystery alive. In my creative processes and applications I aim to imply these concepts in my work, even if only subtly. Through creative imagery, I strive to embed this energy in my art in the hopes that it will create similar experiences for my viewers. Graphite, colored pencil, water color, ink pen, or a combination them, are my preferred mediums. My subject matter is typically derived from scenes in nature, farm life, horses and all other animals, as well as spiritual, mythical, and metaphysical symbolism. Stylistically my art is almost always adorned with textured details and patterns to accent the subject matter. These embellishments create visual contrast and act as reminders that there is so much more than initially meets the eye. My work is intended to juxtapose aspects of the world, the mild to the magnificent, with the magical layers just beneath the surface.

    So it is that I make art. Art that proclaims my personal vision and art that allows me to dematerialize into the ethers of all knowing unity. Art that connects my viewers through familiar experiences, as well as art that creates moments in time to be owned by no one other than the individual experiencing it. As a being inhabiting planet Earth, I get to be an interactive observer and experiencer of a living masterpiece. My preference is to experience and observe it from the back of a horse out in the wilderness. Then, to use that inspiration to make art is yet another way to taste the divinity, and to share such nourishment for the soul with others.  

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