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Horsemanship & Equine Education 


About Kaelee & her practice

I am a lifelong equine enthusiast and I am on a mission to advocate for the wellbeing of all equines through ethical horsemanship practices. One way I feel I can contribute to helping both horses and humans is through education. I offer an educational blog and informed horsemanship coaching with the intention of guiding people to create harmonious horse human dynamics. 

I began taking riding lessons at age 5 and since then have studied under multiple mentors and professionals within the industry. I have worked in a range of equine environments around the country and have been exposed to many methods and disciplines.

In my personal practice, I incorporate methods of connection before training, utilizing the psychology and physiology of the animal to do so. And focus on guiding the horse to the correct biomechanical carriage to achieve mental and physical balance.

My intention is to have a willing partnership with the horses I work with through scientifically informed methods and conscientious practice.

Horsemanship is way more than just riding. It is both an art and a science, and the philosophy within it can offer great insights and wisdom. I am constantly learning from my experiences with horses and have found that these lessons can be applied to all aspects of daily life. In return, I aspire to share all knowledge I gain with the hopes to inspire fellow equestrians to pursue a deepened awareness of the horse and of the self. 



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